Top 5 Must Visit Beaches in Rhodes

24 January, 2019

Top 5 Must Visit Beaches in Rhodes

Rhodes is famed for its long, sandy beaches, crystal clear blue seas and stunning views – which is why you wouldn’t make a visit to this gorgeous island without stopping by some of the beaches it has to offer.

Seated at the picturesque meeting point for the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, gives holiday makers and locals alike the perfect beaches for a number of activities.

The island’s west coast meets with higher winds while the eastern shores are peppered with the perfect beach spots to relax. It’s impossible to pick only 5 beaches really, but if you are on a short break, visiting on a cruise or if you are just filling your visit with everything else that the historic capital has to offer, you may want to prioritise these 5 hot spots.


Elli Beach

It wouldn’t be a trip to Rhodes if you don’t visit the old town. While this beach can get busy in the peak seasons, it boasts everything a tourist needs. It is in walking distance to amenities, the aquarium, restaurants and sporting activities, so there is something for everyone. This 700m stretch is situated right at the tip of the island, which can make the water cooler – perfect when the summer highs of 31°C start.

As with many of Rhodes beaches, Elli beach has been awarded an EU Blue Flag, a note of how beautifully maintained and looked after this beach is, with flags only going to beaches meeting the highest environmental and quality standards.


Anthony Quinn Bay

To the east, situated near the beautiful seaside resort of Faliraki is the Anthony Quinn Bay. Made famous by the Hollywood actor who fell in love with the area after filming Guns of Navarone, this idyllic, isolated bay was supposedly gifted to him after Quinn “put Rhodes on the map” in the 60s!

The bay has crystal clear waters and stunning underwater scenery to explore, which is why Quinn famously spent a lot of time snorkelling here. As it is isolated, the bay itself doesn’t have many amenities and it is advisable to bring your own supplies of water. However there is plenty to do in the surrounding areas once you’ve seen the beauty that the bay has to offer. For example, if you take a quick detour into Faliraki, you can find a waterpark, nightlife, restaurants and even more sandy beaches, such as Ladiko Beach – another hot spot for snorkelers.


Tsambika Beach

Known as one of the most beautiful beaches, this 800m long beach is nestled between two cliffs with a pine forest surrounding it. Perfect for those wishing to see the natural beauty Rhodes has to offer, this area can get busy in peak seasons. It is good to note there are some shops, snack bars and amenities available, but nothing to extensive. Due to the nature of the bay, the water can stay warm throughout most of the year, even into the off season.

After spending time on the beach, you can venture into the forest and up 300 stairs to discover the Virgin of Tsampika Monastery – the home to the virgin who worked miracles on couples struggling to conceive! Up here you can also take in some fantastic views across Rhodes.


Kallithea Springs

This unique setting boasts everything Rhodes has to offer in an unusual and beautiful way. While you do have to pay admission of a couple of Euros, you do reap the benefits of a quieter and more relaxed setting. This is another of Rhodes beaches that has been awarded the EU Blue Flag, but it also has an amazing combination of architecture and history alongside its sandy beach.

Only 9km from the city of Rhodes, this beach is surrounded by an ancient 7th century spa and buildings from the 1920s which have been renovated in recent years. Enjoy relaxing in the sun, or cool off as you walk around the historic stone, ancient mosaicsand beautiful fountains in the spa. It is a truly unique setting.

If you are looking for adventure there are also water sports available here, including places to get your diving certifications.Unlike some of the other beaches, tourists can easily spend a day here, rather than 1-3 hours.


Lindos Beaches

A good 48km from the City of Rhodes, is the village of Lindos. Its beaches are ideal if you’re staying nearby or if you want to arrange a day trip out. Surrounded by lush green hills and watched over by Lindos castle, this beach is famed for being a perfect family day trip and excursion. The shallow water makes it perfect for young children to play safely. Meanwhile, there are also medieval ruins to explore as well as the quaint whitewash chapel of St Paul, making this area a perfect escape for couples too. For the daredevils, you can find water sport facilities and after a hard day, you can find plenty of snack bars and restaurants.

There are still many more beaches to explore that all have exquisite beauty and lots to do. Wherever you go, enjoy your visit to Rhodes and remember to ensure you always have plenty of water and sun protection in the high season!