Top 20 Must See Attractions in Rhodes

05 February, 2019

Top 20 Must See Attractions in Rhodes

Rhodes is an island that is famous for its natural beauty and shimmering shores. However, areas across the island are also concentrated with magnificent monuments and stunning attractions that aren’t to be missed.
They’re also steeped in Greek history, tradition and mythology, which means a holiday to Rhodes doesn’t just have to be about relaxing, you will find there is a lot to learn and discover too.

  1. Monastery Tsambika

Go up 350 steps on the east coast of Rhodes (26km from the main town) and discover a small Byzantine church. Enjoy magnificent views of the coast and burn off some of those extra holiday calories.  

  1. Old Town of Rhodes

Known as the Old Town or Old City of Rhodes, this historical centre is packed with medieval architecture and hidden gems to discover down the 200 picturesque streets. 

  1. Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

Based in the town of Rhodes, this medieval castle is one of very few examples of Gothic architecture in Greece. There’s history and legends aplenty in this star attraction for all ages. 

  1. Mandraki Harbour

Departing daily are an abundance of day trips and tours. Meanwhile, the harbour itself is packed with beautiful yachts and eateries as well as the statue of the dama-dama (deer) which is supposed to be the original site of the now fallen Colossus of Rhodes. 

  1. Thalassini Pyli

This stunningly preserved medieval piece of stonework used to be the original walls to the city. Still standing, you can walk through historical hallways and down magnificent staircases, or take a stroll around the moat and castle walls. 

  1. Kallithea Springs

The thermal springs are perfect for a day of relaxation. It sits on a coastal site 9km from the main town of Rhodes and while entry is a few euros, it does give you the luxury of having a quieter beach to enjoy.

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  1. Acropolis of Lindos

Located in Lindos, this fortress, although it now stands in ruins is still a sight to behold. Reaching it is possible on foot, although some chose to ride donkeys to the top to see the famous pillars and amazing coastal views.  

  1. Ancient Olympic Stadium

A few minutes from the town centre of Rhodes, you can see the remains of one of the oldest Olympic stadiums, there are restored arena seats so you can see just what the ancient Greeks would have once sat on!

  1. Asklipios

The village of Asklipios is a hidden gem from most tourists. The castle ruins in the hill of the village are another of Rhodes’ ancient masterpieces. It offers more stunning views and a great hiking location if you like to keep active on holiday. 

  1. The Cultural & Geological Palace of Rhodes

Book a trip around this museum by appointment and you will be rewarded with some spectacular sites and Greek culture. This museum is set to show you what an ancient Greek mansion would have looked like. See amazing mosaics, ceilings, decorations, interiors as they would have once been displayed. The Geological section also shows you some stunning geological artefacts from all around Rhodes.   

  1. Pythian Temple of Apollo

At the top of the Acropolis of Rhodes stand three pillars and these are the last pieces that are preserved standing. Their sheer size gives you an indicator of how things once might’ve been. 

  1. Lighthouse Prasonisi

Not for the faint hearted, this trip to one of the highest coastal viewpoints looking out over the sea will require you to come prepared. Great for explorers and adventure seekers.

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  1. Rhodes Jewish Museum

There is plenty of Jewish history and culture on Rhodes to learn about and while you’re there, you can visit the Synagogue next door. 

  1. Kahal Kadosh Shalom Synagogue

Also in the Jewish quarter of Rhodes and beside the Museum, this synagogue is the oldest synagogue in Greece.

  1. Temple of Athena Polias and Zeus Polieus

See the scale of these temples by browsing the ruins and parts that still stand, a definite must for those interested in Greece’s history and God mythology. 

  1. Throne of Helios

In the centre of the town you can visit this 9D cinema to see the story of Helios. Perfect if you’re visiting the island with children or perhaps you want to do something totally different. 

  1. Diagroas Momument

Keep a look out for the statue of Diagoras, a Greek boxer and one of the most celebrated Greek athletes from the 5th century BC.  

  1. Church of St. Panteleimon

In the centre of a 12th century monastery, this church has one of the most visually stunning interiors you will ever see. Every surface is covered in frescoes, colours and golden ornate décor.  

  1. Rodos Nature – Folklore Museum

This museum is a little different to everything else you might see. Take a break from the architecture and take a closer look at ancient artefacts and trinkets and discover what they were once used for. 

  1. Anthony Quinn Bay

Made famous and named after the classic Hollywood actor, this bay was once used in the filming of ‘The Guns of Navarone.’ Now it boasts one of the most beautiful areas to snorkel and scuba dive in the most crystal clear bay on the coast of Rhodes.