Rhodes: All You Need to Know Before You Go

26 March, 2019

Rhodes: All You Need to Know Before You Go

Rhodes is one of these places that you must visit in your lifetime. It is an island steeped in history and offers something for everyone. From relaxation to unforgettable experiences, you won’t be short of things to do here. But what do you need to know, before you go about Rhodes, to ensure you make the most of your trip and have the holiday of a lifetime.

What can you say in Greek?

As with most cultures it’s always good practice to learn a few phrases before you travel. When it comes to the Greeks, these are people who are superbly proud of their heritage and starting with a friendly ‘yassas’ or ‘yassou’ (hello!) will go a long way. Have a look online or use a language app on your phone to get your head around some small language tips that can just help you get that bit further on the island of Rhodes and make really good friends with the hospitality loving Greeks.

Prepare for the weather

Check before you travel – if a heatwave is imminent, we can see temperatures soar above 40 degrees centigrade in the peak season and this is not a temperature any of us can thrive in. Make sure you have suitable amounts of sun lotion, sensible clothing (hats and shirts that cover your shoulders) or you could find yourself suffering from heatstroke very quickly.

Adopt a Mediterranean attitude

The Mediterranean attitude for timeliness is something Americans and Brits especially do not understand. If something doesn’t show up on time, this is not unusual and although we do our best to make sure everything is running as clockwork, punctuality is not always the key driver. Relax and enjoy your holiday – don’t let anything like that stress you out! 

Check out the local cuisine and drinks in advance

Make a list of things you really want to try, or if you’re fussy, make a list of things you think you CAN try. Being Mediterranean, you will find something you like – from gyros and kebabs to French and Italian restaurants, Rhodes has it all. We recommend you try Ouzo if you’re in Rhodes as it’s a very famous aperitif here. We also would highly recommend you try traditional Greek food – Rhodes has brilliant barbecue and kebab places – try souvlaki, moussaka and keftedes.  

Have comfy clothes as well as your summer bests

A big mistake for people traveling to somewhere like Rhodes is that they don’t come prepared for the adventures – they just come prepared for the beach. By all means, if you know you won’t lift a finger on your holiday, maybe this point doesn’t apply. But if you really want to explore everywhere in Rhodes and for example, walk around the Valley of the Butterflies and climb stairs up to Byzantine churches, then you may need some sensible shoes and clothes that aren’t going to rub when you start sweating!

Nude beaches are a thing

Just make sure you check before you go anywhere with the kids. The most famous of the nudist beaches is Mandomata but there are more! There are plenty of child-friendly places too though, so don’t worry. And hey, if you’re not traveling with the family and you’re feeling adventurous maybe you should give it a go – it’s quite freeing!  

Hot coffee! Are you mad?

Okay, the Greeks love their coffee, but when it’s upward of 25 degrees Centigrade all of the time, hot coffee is not the way to go. Prepare for frappes and cold brew coffee and you won’t be disappointed. In fact, it’s super refreshing and almost like a dessert as well as a caffeine kick – so why not!?

Drive with caution

If you’re getting a hire car, take note of two things.

  1. The roads are windy! If you have a family that get car sick easily, maybe try not to go too far from the hotel, as the winding roads of Rhodes are quite something. You can also end up being right on the edge of a precipice without much standing between you and a 1000ft fall.
  2. Secondly, the other drivers on the road probably are used to these driving conditions and they might go a little faster than you – even on those tight winding corners. Just take things at your own pace.

Our biggest tip is to make sure you are sure you know where you’re going whenever possible, so you don’t have to go up and down any exhausting winding tracks unnecessarily. Also ALWAYS stop and enjoy the views. There’s plenty of places to pull over and enjoy what Rhodes has to offer from the side of the road, so make the most of it and it will give you (the driver) a quick break too! 

Prepare to make friends for life

All Greeks (especially those near tourist hot spots) love to be the host! Rhodes is one of the friendliest areas and you won’t be able to get away without making friends for life. Enjoy it and embrace it!